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Since the introduction of the Xbox One X, Microsoft has established a dominant position in the world of consoles. With a quick look at the specs, it’s easy to see that they knocked the ball out of park with this one. Aside from the obvious (and common) graphics and performance enhancements over previous console models, it’s hard to ignore 40% more power than the competition.

Power isn’t the only selling point for Xbox. Gamers, no matter where their loyalty may reside, have long been asking for the ability to play game titles across generations of consoles, thereby avoiding the need to purchase a second, or nth, copy of the same game. So, can you play Xbox 360 games, in addition to the new Xbox One games, on the Xbox One console?

Xbox vs PlayStation

YES! Thanks to backward compatibility, there are over 500 Xbox 360 games listed on the Microsoft Xbox website that can be played on the Xbox One console. This is a major advantage for gamers over the rival Sony PlayStation 4 which sadly does not have this desired and much appreciated function.

This page is designed to share Xbox games, consoles, controllers, accessories and anything we find cool related to Xbox!

Let’s start with games!

Best Rated Video Games

How this page works:

ESRB stands for ‘Entertainment Software Rating Board.’ They’re the ones that put that little ‘E’, ‘E 10+’, ‘T’, or ‘M’ on the video game covers. We’ve categorized the Xbox One games listed below based on those ratings to help you find games faster that are deemed appropriate for ‘Everyone’, ‘Teen’, and ‘Mature’ audiences.

These lists are updated as feedback changes on New Releases, Popularity and Reviews.

Star Rating Feedback

Best Rated Video Games: ‘E’ for Everyone

Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Remastered!)

Remastered in HD, this set includes all 3 previously released games. Rated E 10+ due to Spyro’s attitude, roasting his enemies, and some shooting challenges. Go on quests, explore realms, and compete in various types of challenges in the 100+ levels of improved graphics and controls. Adventure awaits with this beloved dragon! If you haven’t experienced Spyro before, this is the way to do it!

LEGO DC Super-Villains

Simple gameplay for the younger kids, with a “character design mode” that’s fun for the older kids that allows you to create your own Super Villain to play through the DC Universe. It’s your typical good LEGO entertainment, with good graphics, and the Joker is voiced by Mark Hamill!

ComicsBeat said it’s “the most fan-pleasing comic adaptation experience DC has ever had in games.”

Forza Horizon 4 (Top choice game!)

This is SO much more than racing. Play solo or coop in this season changing world of racing, themes, challenges, and rewards. Go on ‘barn finds‘ to grab an old classic to restore. Collect and drive over 450 different modern and classic models. Repair and customize cars in your garage. Explore beautiful Britain as you take in lakes, valleys, rolling hills and castles through sun, rain and snow. Don’t forget to checkout the Showcase events, where you might find yourself racing a jet or locomotive. Set aside some time when you turn this one on. You progress while you play, and it’s addicting, so expect hours of fun!

NBA 2K19

Unbelievable graphics and real life gameplay. The “Neighborhood’s” been updated, so whether you play on the court or on the street, you’ll notice new surroundings, new moves, and new features. Career story mode tracks your stats, and may bring you some endorsements. With new dynamic play, you may see the sun go down if you’ve been out on the block playing street ball. If you enjoy basketball, this is a must add to the game collection.

Madden NFL 19

Madden NFL Gameplay

Build your franchise and play your rivals. This long standing best-rated game is back with more content and more challenges. Super realistic motion. Has some mild language and violence, much like watching live NFL games.

Overcooked! 2

LEGO The Incredibles

Play as the Parr family and use your powers to build structures, complete missions, and defeat the villains. Just as in the movie, you can customize your character using the “Edna” mode. Adventure, explore, and conquer to protect your city!

Best Rated Video Games: ‘T’ for Teen

Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle 

  • More popular NOW than ever before! Fortnite has surely become a phenomenon. The popular combination of shooter gaming and “emoting” has taken over. What is emoting? It’s basically dancing. In this new release, players can enjoy new outfits, tools, weapons, and the new Cold Front Glider. This Edition does include a FREE install of Battle Royale, so if you are just now jumping into the world of Fortnite, you can experience it in all it’s glory with this bundle. It includes 1,000 V-Bucks, which can also be earned, or bought, throughout gameplay and spent to upgrade outfits, tools, weapons, emotes, gliders, etc.

MY HERO One’s Justice

SOULCALIBUR VI (Stunning Graphics!)

  • This game has been a popular franchise for years. Play is basically Character building and warrior battles, now in new and improved 3D graphics. Reviews have been mixed, as loading time is apparently slow if not played on the Xbox One X (as packaging states it was specifically enhanced for).

WWE 2K19

Jurassic World Evolution

Sea of Thieves

Monster Hunter World

Best Rated Video Games: ‘M’ for Mature

Fallout 76

  • Explore post-nuclear West Virginia! In this new release, you will see many upgrades from graphics and landscapes to “C.A.M.P.” where you’ll build shelters and supplies that you can (try to) trade with other survivors like yourself. Play alone, if you’re feeling lucky, or with friends, and decide if in the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, will you protect or destroy? Go ahead! Explore, build, and unlock nuclear missiles! Play with fire.

Halo The Master Chief Collection

Red Dead Redemption 2

A current #1 BEST SELLER. An epic Wild West tale in which outlaw gangs are being hunted by lawmen. True to any Wild West story, there are horses, trains, robberies and gun fights a plenty. The dynamic play and graphics are absolutely AMAZING. There is a lot of cinematic story that takes place in between “missions” that has resulted in some poor reviews. I LOVE IT! In order to survive, you must hunt, fish, forage and fight. To update your “Compendium”, there are items that need to be collected, including animals, weapons, herbs, cards, letters, and treasure maps. You can get through the missions as fast or slow as you like. I’ve been playing this game since release day, and it is my new favorite game. You could play it over and over and have a different experience each time.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Far Cry 5

Favorites and Popular Titles

As we update the lists for each rating above, we will keep a list below for popular titles :

  • Rocket League – Collector’s Edition – Released 11-1-17 – Rated E
  • Rayman Legends – Rated E 10+ (One of the best rated coop games!)
  • Overcooked – Released 11-15-16 – Rated E
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Released 6-29-17 – Rated E 10+
  • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – Released 2-23-16 – Rated E 10+
  • Lego Jurassic Park – Released 6-12-15 – Rated E 10+
  • Minecraft – Released 11-18-14 – Rated E 10+
  • Minecraft Explorer’s Pack – Released 11-7-17 – Rated E
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Released 10-26-17 – Rated M
  • Gears of War 4 – Released 10-7-16  –  Rated M
  • Grand Theft Auto V – Released 2015 – Rated M

Find ALL of these Xbox FAVORITES at low Amazon prices!

Xbox One Consoles

While you certainly can buy these consoles “a-la-carte,” it is almost always a better deal to go with a bundle. Typically, you’ll end up getting a game for about 50% of what it would cost to purchase separately, and of course, you get a controller, which is kind of a necessity. Here are the two you’ll want to consider:

Xbox One X 1TB Console

4K Ultra HD, 3D Spatial Sound, High Dynamic Range, 1 TB Storage, Backward Compatibility, 1080p TV friendly, Xbox Live.

All with 40% more power than any other console!

Xbox One S 1TB Console – Starter Bundle

4K Ultra HD, Spatial Audio, High Dynamic Range, 1 TB Storage, Backward Compatibility, Xbox Live.

All in the small and sleek design of the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S

Free Xbox Live

Xbox Live is a service that’s been around for years, and known for allowing users to enjoy gaming online. Now days, Free Xbox Live accounts are used for gaming, T.V., movies, music, sports, entertainment apps and more.

Because Xbox Live is a Microsoft service, when you create or sign in to your Microsoft account on your Xbox, you automatically have access to the basic level, or Free Xbox Live. Just sign in, and you’re connected!

What is Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold is the premier account membership which offers the most advanced multiplayer gaming, and gives players access to free and discounted games. Currently priced at $9.99/month or $59.99/yr, you can take advantage of exclusive deals, demos, previews, and “Gold sharing.” With Gold sharing, you can share your membership with anyone who logs in on your console.

For more information on a Free Xbox Live, or an Xbox Live Gold account click here to be redirected to the Xbox Support page.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is subscription access to a library of Xbox One and Xbox 360 backward compatible games available for play on Xbox One. Currently storing over 100 games, the library provides unlimited access to play and downloads for $9.99/month (no contract, cancel anytime). The library is updated monthly. You can access and purchase the subscription directly through your Xbox One console, or on the official Xbox website.

Controllers for Xbox One

Here’s something that most players don’t give much thought. You take whatever controller you get when you buy your console bundle, and often times pick up the same one when you want an additional controller. But, there are other options!

You can buy “custom” controllers from retailers that may include a certain specified modification, be that style or performance.

OR, what some gamers are a big fan of are 100% custom-built modded controllers. You can have these made to order by a company that helps you design your own one-of-a-kind controller. To learn more about these, you can read this article: Modded Xbox One Controller. (And they’re not just for Xbox!) Check it out!

Controller Charger

The #1 Best Seller in Video Game Accessories on Amazon!

This comes with a charging station, AC Adapter, and 2 rechargeable battery packs.

Boasts up to 35 hrs of play time on a full charge. (Some customers have reviewed up to 40 hrs of play time!)

Time to charge is about 2 hrs. Simply place controller(s) on the charging station, verify that the red LED lights are lit, and when the controllers are ready the lights will turn green.

  • Both Xbox Standard and Elite controllers are compatible!

Gaming Headset

This headset stays a step ahead of the rest in design, technology, and comfort.

Highly rated for use with all platforms, this comes with 5 different connectors.

Worry-free purchasing with a 24 MONTH GUARANTEE – free replacement policy!

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Please comment below on YOUR current favorite Xbox One games so other gamers may enjoy!

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  1. Fornite: Deep Freeze Bundle is definitely on my wishlist because all of my students play that and I can sometimes get to them while talking about the game. 

    I am currently playing other video games, but the list that you have on this article is awesome! I will definitely give some of them a try 🙂 

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. As a Gen-X parent of 3 post-millenial kids, I found your post extremely helpful and full of a vast range of information which I will be able to revert back to again and again. My children are deep into Fortnite, and the Deep Freeze bundle will definitely interest them. What I find hilariously engaging about Fortnite is the combination of shooting game and fun…what’s up with all the weird dances? My kids regularly “emote” and have a riot combining different emotes. Your post helped me better understand a bit of my kids’ world. I’ve bookmarked your site, and will revert back to it frequently.



    1. Hi Norman!

      Thank you so much for commenting here… I had to laugh a little as you described your kids emoting at home, as I have the same situation here on a daily basis! 

      I agree, it’s the weirdest combination – shooting and dancing – but oddly satisfying and GREAT entertainment when watching kids try to copy all of the emotes!

      Thanks for sharing and for bookmarking our site. Happy gaming!

  3. Hello there and merry Christmas in advance! Thank you for sharing this Xbox One games page. I love to play games but haven’t really had experience with the Xbox One. This game console seems to have a great reputation with game lovers. I think I should give it a try!

    1. Hi Barry!

      Great! I think you’ll love it! 

      Stop back often as we keep these pages updated with new and popular games… So you’ll know which games are on the best-rated lists, and most likely to give you the best entertainment for your dollar!

      Thanks for commenting. Take care!

  4. Just recently started looking into the X-box One and the PS4.  I have not yet decided which one I will end up getting, this Christmas.  I love all the Spyro games and my girls remember it too.  Great game.  I am interested in getting DeadRising 3 and 4 as I have only played the first 2 so far.  Awesome games.  

    1. Hi Shy!

      Thanks for commenting here!

      The best way to choose is to consider the games you want to play, as some are exclusively one brand or another, and HOW you want to play them (disc, stream, download). The games you mention are cross platform, so your good there.

      Better catch up on your Dead Rising series… I hear there’s a 5 coming soon!  🙂

  5. I so appreciate all the detailed information on Xbox One Games and Consoles.

    I am new to this but I have a partner who loves his Xbox and I thought I would do some research how i can find a new game for him. 

    Your article is straight forward even for someone who is new and really needs some good information.

    Again, thanks for all the detailed review!

  6. I’ve always been a fan of the Xbox over the PlayStation purely for its better software and I think it’s more user friendly. I think it’s a great idea that Xbox 360 games can be played on the Xbox one as the games are not cheap are they! 

    I think this a superior selling point over the PlayStation and shows a bit of thought to the customer.

    My other preference for the Xbox being user friendly is the controllers. I prefer the Xbox controller as it’s much easier to use.

    Do you know when a new version of Xbox is due out? 

    1. Hi Darren!

      Thanks for joining in on the conversation here!

      You know, I’m not an insider for Xbox (and wish I was!) but there have been rumors this year that Microsoft has been developing the next console for some time now, and we may see it in 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised, with all of the latest attention to this, that we hear more detail on that in the very near future.

      Think they’ll call it Xbox Two? I don’t know… but when I do, you can be sure I’ll be writing about it!

      Thanks for visiting our website!

  7. The debate over which is better Xbox one or ps4 can be a talking point for hours. Personally I prefer the ps4 to Xbox one due to some of the games I have been following for a few years. One of those games is the god of war series which I think is not in Xbox. This is a fantastic game I don’t know why Microsoft don’t have it in their console. 

    Another game I don’t think is in Xbox one and exclusive to PlayStation is last of us. This is another awesome game that is not in Xbox one. I could go on and on listing games that are in ps4 but not in Xbox one that are really awesome. Don’t forget uncharted series. 

    Anyway it is based on personal preference.

    1. Hi Jay!

      You’re absolutely right! And personal preference is what they want!

      The God of War series is a PlayStation exclusive, and as such will most likely never be available for Xbox. Both Sony and Microsoft have their own exclusives that are purposely not cross-platform to retain a certain share of the market. Like you, there are gamers who follow a series, and it almost guarantees that your money stays in that brand’s pocket!

      “Ditto” on The Last of Us, which currently (still) has Part 2 under development. Their developer (Naughty Dog) is partners with Sony, so not likely to ever be available on Xbox.

      Xboxers who are interested in playing either of those games will have to buy a PlayStation, or make some friends in the real world who like to share, and same holds true for PlayStation gamers and Xbox games  🙂

      Thanks for commenting here, and happy gaming!

  8. I used to be a lady gamer. I had PS2, PS3, and some hand held systems. I definitely saved a lot more money buying the bundles so good point emphasizing that. I am not very familiar with X-Box One so I did learn some new stuff. Overall experience with  gaming has been a very expensive journey so anyway to save money on awesome games for your system is always a plus.

  9. Wow, I find it absolutely astounding that we can play XBOX 360 games on the XBOX One.  I am just amazed they did that! This made my mind up because my son wanted either the Playstation 4 or the XBOX One, and since he had the 360, and he has tons of games, it’s a no-brainer.  Thanks for the great info!

  10. Great list of games you have mentioned! 

    I really love playing COD – Black Ops 4 and NBA 2K19. You just get immersed in the campaign version and forget about whats happening around you.

    I have both Sony and XBox, and hands down Xbox is the much better console, but I prefer Sony’s controller – it just feels more natural to me at least!

  11. Wow I did not realize that the Xbox One was 40% more powerful than the competition. I myself am a PlayStation 4 convert after the Xbox 360 and I do love the PlayStation. However I am always interested in more powerful platforms that can deliver a better overall gaming experience. I purchased an Xbox One for my younger brother last Christmas. I think it’s time that I look into one for myself after reading your article!

    Thanks for the great article.


    1. Hi Jarrin,

      Yes… if it’s power you want, my friend, look at the Xbox One X! 

      Made to play 4K games in the best of ways (if you have a compatible TV). Here’s a quick link to a current bundle on Amazon that includes a wireless controller and some games to get you started:

      Xbox One X Console Bundle

      Gameplay and graphics on Forza Horizon 4 are amazing!

  12. I absolutely love the assassin’s creed series. The fact that you can just start fights with countless guards and come out basically unscathed is awesome. the Panoramic views and graphics throughout the game are a huge plus. I was a little worried they wouldn’t allow me to bring the 360 games up to the Xbox one when they released though but I am glad they did. I don’t think I would have updated the games if they didn’t but it definitely made it easier to play. Not to mention I was able to get a little money back after I sold the 360.

  13. Great post and good info. 

    I’ve always been a gamer so these kinds of posts are very interesting to me, to see what the top games are, if it is for the Playstation, PC, Xbox, it doesn’t matter. 

    I want to give the Just Dance 2019 as a Christmas gift to my wife, she loves to dance and I think it is the perfect thing for her. I’m also going to check out NHL. I was reading great reviews about this game. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    1. Hi Emmanuel!

      I always love it when I see a comment about gifting! Thank you so much for taking the time to post here, and I wish you and your wife a wonderful Christmas!

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