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PlayStation 4 VR Bundle: Is it Worth it?

Sony’s VR technology dates back to about thirty years ago. Over that span of time, various projects by several involved engineers, led to what is available today as the PlayStation VR. The only product of its kind, the PS VR is powered by nothing more than a PlayStation 4 console.

With the recent expansion of virtual reality gaming, and advancements of PC driven VR devices, consumers are considering the PlayStation 4 VR bundle, and wondering… Is it worth it?

In this article, let’s look at the PlayStation VR, what comes in a PlayStation VR bundle, and if there is an advantage of choosing a PlayStation VR device over the two leading PC VR devices.

First, here’s a bit of information about Sony’s creation of the only console powered VR device:

The Development of the PlayStation VR

First introduced in 2016, at a price point of $399, this virtual reality headset made waves through the public and surpassed Sony’s product release expectations by a long shot.

The first PS VR headset was designed to be comfortable and adjustable; two qualities that have been confirmed by the majority of PlayStation VR users, despite it’s slightly heavier frame than the two leading PC VR devices, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

While the headset available today looks almost the same as the original model, Sony has made minor changes along the way.

In 2017, Sony integrated the stereo headphones (which were a separate piece on the original model), and altered the connection cables to provide a slimmer, more streamlined design.

PS VR Headset

What are the Features of the PlayStation VR?

1. DISPLAY is a 5.7 inch OLED screen.

2. RESOLUTION is 960 x 1080p per eye running at up to 120 frames per second.

3. 3D AUDIO from the integrated headphones is fully encompassing for an immersive vr experience.

4. FIELD OF VIEW is about 100 degrees.

5. SENSING SYSTEM consists of 6 motion sensors.

When you purchase the PlayStation VR as a stand alone product, you receive the Headset, the Processor unit, the connection cable, an HDMI cable, a USB cable, an AC power cord, an AC adapter, Stereo headphones, and a PlayStation VR Demo Disc, all for about $200.

What Else Do You Need To Play?

While you can buy the PS VR headset by itself, it does NOT work by itself!

PS VR Camera

You’ll need the PlayStation Camera in order to play the PS VR games, which, sold separately runs between $50 and $60 at the time of this article.

In addition, there are VR games that require the use of PS Move motion controllers. Currently, you can find a set of newly upgraded PS4 VR Move motion controllers at Amazon or other retailers for about $100. (Note: Amazon has a set that includes a base charger for that same price, which I found was NOT offered by all retailers.)

As with all gaming consoles, the VR headsets can be bought as a stand alone product, or as part of a bundle, which most times offers a cost savings.

What’s included in a PlayStation VR Bundle?

Here’s what you’ll currently find in a PS VR Bundle:

1. The PlayStation VR HEADSET.  The current headset consists of the features listed above.

2. The PROCESSOR UNIT.  This provides 3D audio processing, Social Screen (mirroring mode, separate mode), Cinematic mode, 4K and HDR (in pass-through mode only).

3. The PlayStation CAMERA.  The camera tracks the LED’s around the Headset, the DualShock Controller, and the Move motion Controllers to capture your natural movements with precision.

4. Two pack of Move Motion CONTROLLERS.  These provide additional hand control, as well as vibration feedback, and are necessary for some games.

5. CONNECTORS.  All necessary cables including the PlayStation VR Headset Connection Cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo headphones, AC power cord, and AC adapter.

6. PlayStation VR DEMO DISC.  The disc can help you get started.

7. GAMES.  While each bundle varies, it will usually include one or two games (or game vouchers) within the package.

Here are two currently popular bundles:

Borderlands 2, rated M, and Beat Saber, rated E.

Borderlands is a shooter game with comic style graphics. Naturally, it does contain violence, blood and gore, as well as language, sexual themes, and alcohol. Gameplay is crossing the desert in search of treasure, and blasting any other looters that get in your way of collecting your finds.

Beat Saber is all about rhythm. You try to slash the color coded cubes which represent beats of the surrounding music. Family friendly fun and competition.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission, rated E10+, and Moss, rated E 10+.

While Astro Bot is a PlayStation VR exclusive, and Moss can be played with any VR headset, since their debut at the end of 2018, both games have received an almost perfect 5 star rating from Amazon customers and game critics!

Astro Bot is a space mission to save his lost crew members with 20 unique levels; each presenting a different environment, such as caves, forests, and volcanoes, that contain different challenges and open more levels for a possible total of 46 levels.

Moss is an adventure game in which you accompany a mouse on his journey to save her uncle, all while exploring and conquering the evil in your path (hence the E10+ rating for mild fantasy violence, including blood, use of alcohol, and crude humor according to the ESRB).

What are the Advantages of the PlayStation VR?

1. Hardware Requirements

Convenience of use is an obvious advantage for those who already own a PlayStation 4.

And for those who don’t… well a PS4 console is considerably cheaper than a new PC, if your current PC isn’t up to the necessary specs for VR gaming, or you don’t currently own one.

Marketed as the only gaming VR headset that doesn’t require a high-end PC to run, the PS VR has been praised by gamers and critics alike.

2. Ease of Use

The PlayStation VR delivers a simple plug and play design. Just plug both the PS VR Headset and the PS Camera into your PS4 console and start playing! A lot of PS VR compatible games can be played with the DualShock controller.

How does the PlayStation VR compare to other VR Devices?

Because the PlayStation VR is run by the PS4, and not a gaming PC, there is the issue of power. A video game console just does not provide the same amount of power as a gaming PC does.

However, there are plenty of PlayStation gamers who have expressed nothing but satisfaction with the PS VR system. And if you are already a PS gamer with favorite PS titles, then it’s a great opportunity to play some of those titles in VR. In addition, only the PS VR gamers will have play access of the exclusive titles (much like the exclusive console games).

Sony has sold over 3 million PlayStation VR units since its launch, has a growing library of more than 200 VR titles, and is continuing to work on VR development for their users.

The Drawback?

Overall, the NEW PS4 Move motion controllers have mixed reviews, at best.

Some users have claimed that the controllers worked as expected, and advise simply not to order from 3rd parties (So be sure to look for “by Sony” when ordering from Amazon).

However, several users have reported connection issues, and/or missing parts with their order.

Does this mean you should disregard the PlayStation VR?

Not necessarily. Remember, most of the games can be played with the DualShock controller, and if you decide to give the Move controllers a try, just be cautious with your order.


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  1. I’ve been researching to see if the playstation VR might be for me… I’m big into video games and tend to have every console at least once in my life (even if I rarely play it).

    The playstation VR bundle actually might be worth the money, because separately it seems pretty expensive. You’re exactly right though I personally don’t have a gaming PC mainly because the cost to build one wouldn’t be worth it to me. As I said I have lots of consoles I just don’t play them often…

    So I might be willing to try the PS 4 VR simply because it’s more cost friendly for entry into the VR space. I definitely feel that technology is moving that way. You see it with stand alone headsets that allow you to watch Live Sports and feel like you’re there.

    Out of your experience what exactly is the best VR experience available? I see that you have some comparisons but just curious on what you consider “the best”.

    1. Hi Josh!

      Thank you so much for commenting here!

      I can relate to cross-platform play. Of course, I do use my job as an excuse  😉   

      The PS VR absolutely can be a good entry product. If you already have a PS4, and don’t have a gaming PC, then it’s a great way to get into VR gaming affordably. There are a number of people who have stated that they prefer the PS VR over the PC devices, even when given the choice, due to its comfort and the ability to play the PS exclusives.

      As for what’s best? It really does depend on what features you desire most. I do currently favor the Oculus line. One feature I LOVE by the HTC Vive brand, though, is the flip up screen. All headsets should have that. I’m greatly anticipating the product releases this year. Stop back… I’ll have more to read on VR!

      Also, check out this article: What is the best Virtual Reality System?

  2. Awesome! What an incredible blog post. Thanks for this article. This is an expansive post on the PS4 VR bundle. I’ve looked into it a little bit myself but was confused on what was necessary to play, and what was extra. Now it makes more sense.

    From my own perspective, I think the price of the bundle is really worth it. Even though a lot of the games can be played with just the DualShock, I think I’d like to try the Move controllers. I hope to get mine soon now. It’s actually dropped in price a lot – since $399 was the initial price. 

    1. Hi, and thanks for commenting here!

      Glad you found this article helpful in your decision, and hope to see you visit our site again soon!

  3. This is great review about PlayStation 4 VR. The prices are great considering the design and ability to play without an expensive gaming PC. The camera and move motion controllers may be an additional cost, but with the bundle it’s a good deal. It sounds fun to me and I can’t wait to get the complete gear for better experience on PS. Thanks for the review. 

    1. Hi, and thanks for commenting here!

      Yes, as with most things when there is a ‘package’ deal available, it will save some money. The bundles are always changing, as far as what games are available. I chose to highlight Moss in this article because it’s an awesome experience for a broad group, and while I enjoy a good shooter game as much as the next person, it’s nice to have some variation! Stop back soon for some more VR content!

  4. Playstation has been my favorite all-time game console. Though mine is a Playstation 2 that I still have presently, I am looking forward to an upgrade soon. Your review about the Playstation 4 VR Bundle has made me really want to upgrade so I can get some VR games. The video of  PlayStation Moss – E3 2018 Accolades Trailer | PS VR that you attached is really top-notch with advanced graphics. Thanks so much for this info. Will be glad to read more similar posts from you subsequently.

    1. Hi, and thank you for your comment!

      If you’re already a PS user, I think you would definitely appreciate the upgrade. And with the PS4 console, you can play your PS4 VR titles, with no PC needed. We look forward to having you visit our site again soon!

  5. Thank you for this great review about the play station vr bundle. This was the perfect time to come across your website. I’ve been looking to get a vr device for my son for his birthday which is coming up soon and this vr seems to be the right fit for him because he already has the playstation 4. hopefully he’ll like it.

    1. Hi, and thank you for your comment!

      Yes, if he already has the PS4, then the PS VR device would make a great birthday gift! He will be able to play games that he already has! Look for the ‘PlayStation VR’ label on any of the PS4 boxes for VR gaming, and the other PS4 games can be played in Cinematic mode. New experiences for all games!

  6. My son has been wanting the Playstation VR.  I always try to get him to wait a bit after a new system comes out, because it seems like there are not very many games.  But with this he can play his existing Playstation games.  Am I correct?  I know there is more than one Playstation out there, and not sure which one my son has.  Does that matter?  If he can play his existing games, then we are good!

    1. Hi, and thank you for your comment and question!

      There are thousands of VR experiences now across several devices! The PS VR offers over 200 titles that can be played on the PS4. Your son can experience VR play with any title that has the ‘PlayStation VR’ label on the box, and can experience his other PS4 games on the PS VR in large screen Cinematic mode, which is also pretty cool. It definitely makes sense to try the PS VR if he already has a PS4. Then he can start by playing with the games he already has!

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