PS4 Console and Controller

Play PS3 Games with PS4?

Can You?

Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 console is not backward compatible, and will not play PS3 or PS2 games by disc. However, PlayStation does offer ‘PlayStation Now,’ a cloud-based service that allows you to stream or download games from a library of over 650 titles. So, if you’re a new PS4 owner, or you’re looking to buy one, you can still play PS3 games with PS4 via this online service.

Currently, PlayStation Now is available in two subscription options: $19.99 for 1 month, or $44.99 for 3 months. So, price-wise, they are on par with other brand subscriptions, and annually it will run you about $200. You can try it free for 7 days before you commit to any subscription, which allows you enough time to test it out and decide if it’s a fit for you.

If you ONLY game on PS, then it may allow you to play more games for less. If you are a multi-platform gamer, you may want to look into GameFly as an alternate subscription option.

For more information on a PlayStation Now membership, click here to be redirected to PlayStation’s website.

PS4 bundle

This page is designed to share PlayStation games, consoles, controllers, accessories and anything we find cool related to PlayStation!

As with our other pages, we try to keep the information current and relevant. For the purpose of providing up-to-date information, you will find Amazon links below to search real-time prices and reviews.

Let’s start with games!

Best Rated Video Games

How this page works:

ESRB stands for ‘Entertainment Software Rating Board.’ They’re the ones that put that little ‘E’, ‘E 10+’, ‘T’, or ‘M’ on the video game covers. We’ve categorized the PlayStation games listed here based on those ratings to help you find games faster that are deemed appropriate for ‘Everyone’, ‘Teen’, and ‘Mature’ audiences.

These lists are updated as feedback changes on New Releases, Popularity and Reviews.

Best Rated Video Games: ‘E’ for Everyone

  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy  –  Released 11-13-18
    • Remastered in HD, this set includes all 3 previously released games. Rated E 10+ due to Spyro’s attitude, roasting his enemies, and some shooting challenges. Go on quests, explore realms, and compete in various types of challenges in the 100+ levels of improved graphics and controls. Adventure awaits with this beloved dragon! If you haven’t experienced Spyro before, this is the way to do it!


  • Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far – Released 10-30-18 – Rated E 10+
    • The perfect deal for those who want to get caught up in the best-selling Kingdom Hearts series, as BOTH the 1.5-2.5 and 2.8 discs come in this collection! (If you already have one disc, then it’s a better deal to purchase the 2nd separately, though you may want this release if you collect or want the discs all in one case) Join forces with Disney and Final Fantasy characters at various Disney locations to fight the Heartless invasion that threatens their world. Remastered in HD to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Nickelodeon Kart Racers – Released 10-23-18
  • LEGO DC Super-Villains – Released 10-16-18
  • NHL 19 – Released 9-13-18
  • NBA 2K19 – Released 9-10-18
  • Madden NFL 19 – Released 8-9-18
  • Overcooked! 2 – Released 8-7-2018
    • Overcooked is over-LOOKED! This is the new and improved 2nd version, which brings upgrades such as throwing your food as well as refined graphics and improved dynamics. This game can be played in local or online mode for solo or multi-player competition. Gameplay – You’re the cook in this ever evolving kitchen where the room periodically shifts to reveal hidden game level challenges. While Rated E, I’d say it may be difficult for kids under 8 due to each level being timed. True to a real kitchen, the cook has a timer on prepping, plating, and staging the dish for delivery to the dining area. But this is not your usual kitchen! You may be rolling down the street on a Food Truck, or rafting down a river! This game is fast-paced family addicting fun! Fair warning: it is competitive and may spur small arguments. Rightfully highly rated, this game should be in every home. I feel that it will have a home on this page for a long time to come.

Best Rated Video Games: ‘T’ for Teen

  • Warner Bros Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle  –  Released 11-13-18
    • More popular NOW than ever before! Fortnite has surely become a phenomenon. The popular combination of shooter gaming and “emoting” has taken over. What is emoting? It’s basically dancing. In this new release, players can enjoy new outfits, tools, weapons, and the new Cold Front Glider. This Edition does include a FREE install of Battle Royale, so if you are just now jumping into the world of Fortnite, you can experience it in all it’s glory with this bundle. It includes 1,000 V-Bucks, which can also be earned, or bought, throughout gameplay and spent to upgrade oufits, tools, weapons, emotes, gliders, etc.
  • MY HERO One’s Justice – Released 10-25-18
  • SOULCALIBUR VI – Released 10-19-18
  • WWE 2K19 – Released 10-8-18
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man – Released 7-18-18
    • Spider-Man like we’ve never seen before in any previous game version. He’s no longer new to doing Spidey things. He’s got this superhero thing down. This takes place 8yrs into the double life of Peter Parker, and in this release his two worlds collide. With the introduction of a new villain, Spider-Man is busier than ever fighting crime in New York City. Boasting the most expansive and interactive world yet, you experience swinging through NYC landmarks in vibrant color and dynamic fluid action. It’s easy to see why this is a TOP-SELLING PS4 game!
  • Jurassic World Evolution – Released 7-2-18
  • Shadow of the Colossus – Released 2-6-18
  • Monster Hunter: World – Released 1-26-18
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Released 8-21-17

Best Rated Video Games: ‘M’ for Mature


  • Fallout 76  – Released 11- 13-18
    • Explore post-nuclear West Virginia! In this new release, you will see many upgrades from graphics and landscapes to “C.A.M.P.” where you’ll build shelters and supplies that you can (try to) trade with other survivors like yourself. Play alone, if you’re feeling lucky, or with friends, and decide if in the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, will you protect or destroy? Go ahead! Explore, build, and unlock nuclear missiles! Play with fire. Note: this game also falls under Amazon’s pre-price guarantee, and there may be discounts available for Prime members!
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – Released 11-26-18
    • current #1 BEST SELLER. Rockstar Games has developed an epic Wild West tale in which outlaw gangs are being hunted by lawmen. True to any Wild West story, there are horses, trains, robberies and gun fights a plenty. The dynamic play and graphics are absolutely AMAZING. There is a lot of cinematic story that takes place in between “missions” that has resulted in some poor reviews. I LOVE IT! In order to survive, you must hunt, fish, forage and fight. To update your “Compendium”, there are items that need to be collected, including animals, weapons, herbs, cards, letters, and treasure maps. You can get through the missions as fast or slow as you like. I’ve been playing this game since release day, and it is my favorite game. You can play it over and over and have a different experience each time.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Released 10-11-18
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Released 10-4-18
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Released 9-13-18
  • Detroit Become Human – Released 5-24-18
  • God of War – Released 4-19-18
  • Far Cry 5 – Released 3-26-18

Favorites and Popular Titles

As we update the lists for each rating above, we will keep a list below for popular titles:

  • Call of Duty WWII – Released 11-3-17 – Rated M
  • Call of Duty Black Ops III – Rated M
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Released 10-26-17 – Rated M
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Released 6-29-17 – Rated E 10+
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – Released 2-27-17 – Rated T
  • Overcooked – Released 11-15-16 – Rated E
  • Titan Fall 2 – Released 10-28-16 – Rated M
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Released 5-10-16 – Rated T
  • Batman Arkham Knight – Released 6-23-15 – Rated M
  • Minecraft – Released 11-18-14 – Rated E 10+
  • Grand Theft Auto V – Released 11-17-14 – Rated M

Find ALL of these PlayStation FAVORITES at low Amazon prices!

PS4 Consoles

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console (Pictured here in the Best-Selling Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle)

The most advanced and best rated PlayStation system to date. Designed for more powerful graphics, performance, and these features :

  • 4K TV Gaming – Optimized detail when played on a 4K TV. (Don’t have a 4K T.V.? Check out the Slim Edition below)
  • Increased HD Power – Turn on Boost Mode to give PS4 games access to the increased power. You can benefit from enhanced image clarity, faster frame rates, and more.
  • HDR Technology – With a compatible TV and PS4 game, you can experience unbelievably vibrant colors.
  • 4K Entertainment – Stream 4K videos, movies, and your favorite shows!

*** Bundles are often times priced LESS than the stand alone consoles, controllers and games when purchased separately. If Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t your thing, use the link to search OTHER bundle deals!

PlayStation 4 1TB Slim Edition Console

If you don’t have a 4K T.V., then you probably don’t need the PS4 Pro.

The lighter, slimmer, and equally high-rated PS4 Slim Edition console has the same 1TB hard drive for all of your favorite games, movies and shows!

NOTE: If you already have a PlayStation Plus account, or sign up for one, then you are able to login to connect to other gamers for multi-player fun, receive game purchase discounts, AND you’ll get to select 2 FREE GAMES a month. That’s nice if you’re a PlayStation fan!

Controllers for PlayStation

DualShock PS4 ControllerThe DualShock 4 Wireless Controller is the most raved about controller for PlayStation 4, with 4.5 stars on Amazon at the time of this article posting. That’s with over 6,000 customer reviews! So if you’re going to stick with a retail controller, that’s your best option for the moment.

Here’s something, though, that most players don’t give much thought:

When you buy a new console bundle, you take whatever controller comes with it and often times pick up the same one when you want an additional controller. But, there are other options!

You can buy “custom” controllers from retailers that may include a certain specified modification, be that style or performance.

OR, what some gamers are a big fan of are 100% custom-built modded controllers. You can have these made to order by a company that helps you design your own one-of-a-kind controller. To learn more about these, you can read this article: Modded Xbox One Controller. (Don’t be fooled by the title! They’re also for PlayStation!!!) Check it out!

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  1. Hey Cris, 

    I had no idea it was that easy to play PS3 games on the PS4! Do you have to re-purchase PS3 games you already own on disc, or is there a way to access them from the PlayStation Now cloud service? 

    The fact that you can play old classics on the new console is an awesome feature, but if you didn’t have to buy the same game twice – it would be even better. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hi Dom!

      Thank you for posting your comment & question. Your question is one that I find I am answering often!

      PlayStation Now is a subscription service for streaming and downloading all PS games. You can not play a PS3 (or PS2) disc in a PS4 console, but you do not need to repurchase a new PS4 disc either. While it’s always an option to buy another copy, it’s not the most economical choice. With PS Now, you have unlimited access to their games library which contains PS2, PS3, and PS4 versions, all of which can be downloaded to any new PS4 console. 

      So, basically, unless you’re going to keep both consoles, you can sell the old discs, get a PS Now subscription and go disc free while enjoying all the performance upgrades on the PS4. A year runs about $200, so if you’re a PlayStation ONLY gamer, it may make sense over buying individual discs. If you’re a multi-platform gamer, you may want to consider a GameFly subscription instead. For the same price, you can enjoy your faves on ANY brand of console.

      I hope this helps in your decision! Happy gaming!

  2. Video games have come a long way since my childhood, playing Atari was the only option. I know kids live for video games now, and I think its awesome that you can have a controller built for you. I also had no clue about the rating of video games and that brings me to a question. Is there educational game, such as teaching letters and number? thank you for the PS education.

    1. Hi Lance!

      Thank you for your comment and question! 

      I’m not aware of any current video game specifically for learning letters and numbers. There is somewhat of a dexterity barrier with the game controllers for that typical audience. PlayStation did have a character series for toddlers that included Disney, Sesame Street, Blues Clues, etc that wasn’t as popular as expected for that reason, despite also being mouse compatible.

      I have included a page on our website with browser and downloadable games for that EXACT reason! You can check it out here: FREE Kids Games Online. They are wonderful for all ages!

      There are, however, several video games that could fall into the ‘educational’ category. Many games teach concepts of building and creativity, such as Little Big Planet and Minecraft. There are multi-age level trivia games available. PlayStation offers games by National Geographic, though they haven’t been able to reach any top-rank ratings. For older kids (or adults!), there is an endless selection of strategy games.

      I hope this is helpful!

  3. I’m a PC gamer. I’ve thought on and off about getting a PS4 but didn’t realise it wasn’t backwards compatible with the PS3. There’s a few Playstation exclusive games I’d like to play. The PlayStation Now option seems to give PC gamers the chance to play PS3 and PS4 games as well. I just don;t like the idea of having to pay a subscription to play/access games. That why I gave up my Xbox Gold Live account…when I had an Xbox.

    1. Hi Gary!

      You hit the nail on the head! “Exclusive games” are often the deciding factor when gamers are buying a new system. So many games are available on multi-platform, but the FEW that are brand exclusive will retain some loyal customers. 

      I hear ya with the subscriptions too, though in cost comparison it’s more the way to go now days particularly for those who DO play across many platforms. I like that they give PC gamers a go at some of the new games as well. I agree the modern process is different, and does turn some people away, but you learn to love it! 🙂

      Thank you so much for visiting our site and leaving a comment!

  4. Hi Cris, the world of video games have expanded. thank you for the tips. i particularly love call of duty rated M……. i usually lost myself in the game every time is play it. most especially when playing in multiplayer mode. 

    I recommend this game anyway, it builds your thinking ability and increase your decision making.

    1. Hi Olonisakin!

      Your welcome! Yes, multi-player gaming can be especially addicting… and time consuming! Thank you for your comment, and for visiting our website!

  5. Play Station Cloud seems like a great service for heavy gamers. Compared to the prices, you usually have to pay for just one game, the $19.99 is fair. Thanks for your “best of” game list. A friend of mine has a PS and he will most likely be interested. As he has a little daughter of 4 years, can you recommend something suitable for her?

    1. Hi Felix!

      Thank you for your comment and question! I do have some suggestions for younger kids. Here are a few that are definitely worth a look:

      Flower – somewhat of a hidden gem, simple hand controls, very positive environment, colorful, creative fun.

      Little Big Planet – imaginative play, “community levels” can be navigated by most 4yr olds and there are thousands of levels making this game infinitely fun for littles 

      Snoopy’s Grand Adventure – great starter game, simple play, cute, comical, and even pleasantly nostalgic for the adult onlooker 🙂

      I hope these give you some good options to share!

  6. I found this article to be very informative due to I have two boys and as we all know they are always telling me about new tech that has come out. Now for a change I can tell them about this sight and they will know the pros and cons of PS, I did even know about the PS now that’s very cool. Lots of information and I found it very informative. thanks 

    1. Hi Genecia!

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that we could share some useful information with you. Be sure to check back often to see New Release games and trailers. Thanks so much for visiting our website!

  7. This post is really really timely.  Family members are already scrambling to decide which video games to go after for this holiday season.  The young people get them for gifts and the adults, especially the men, try to take over. 

    You have laid out very clear information on video games hardware and software.  They are all categorized and rated for  them E, T, and M for everyone, teenagers and mature.  

    This is a great resource for my family for the holiday season. I’ll be sure to pin it.  

     Thanks for the post.

    Please remember to encourage someone today!

    V. Pearl

  8. Hey, you saved my day, my friends daughter has got her first PlayStation and it is a PS4.

    Me and my friend are not really PlayStation specialists and just wanted to give her something many of her friends already have.

    Now all her friends play with the older versions and she is a little frustrated to be the only one not being able to play the same games.

    I’ll now give her the access to the cloud-based PlayStation Now for a few months for her birthday.

    I’m sure she’ll love it 🙂

    1. Hi Stefan!

      I love when I see comments on gifting! This will be great for her, as she’ll have access to so many games! I’m sure she’ll love it!

      Thank you for your comment, and for visiting our website!

  9. Hi fellow gamer and thanks for sharing this with us 🙂 There are a lot of classic PS2 and PS4 I want to play and PSNow seems like a great option for me.  I have been using Remote Play of PS4 for a while and to be honest, even though it’s convenient, the streaming quality is not great. So based on your experience do you think if the streaming quality is good enough to play?

    1. Hmmmmm. Streaming quality is definitely going to depend on your devices and your internet connection, so it’s hard to say if it would be better than your current experience. 

      If you mostly play PS4 and PS2 games, it may be the right option, as you can stream or download any of those games from the library with one subscription. I will note that the cataloged PS3 games are available to stream, but not to download due to the way they were built. (bummer, huh?)

      Thank you for your comment and question!

  10. Hi Cris

    Thanks for a comprehensive and informative article.  It saved me money straight away by you highling the lack of backward compatibility…thanks for that!

    I liked how you categorized some recommendations, based on others, regarding games for teens and games for the mature (like me!).

    I think there might be another couple of market segments your readers could be interested in – young adults (as opposed to mature ones like me) and children (pre-teens).

    I was wondering if you have any recommendations for people in these demographics?

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi David!

      Thank you for commenting here!

      The categories I have listed above follow the actual content rating guides created by the ESRB, and I chose to keep this page organized this way to allow each person to see what a game has been rated due to it’s content, without projecting my opinion on what may or may not be appropriate for any age gamer. 

      I will try to keep a good combination of ratings in the “popular and recommended” section, though feedback is not always evenly distributed among the categories.

      As for the pre-teen/young adult age, FORZA Horizon 4 is definitely a recommend. It was just released in October, and is SO much more than racing. You have a garage to repair & customize your cars. You go on ‘barn finds’ where you discover and collect classic cars. The landscapes and graphics are amazing!

      I hope this helps you out!

  11. I’ve been out of the video game arena for some time so I’ve never known that they have subscriptions where you can download old games. That is amazing. Back when I was gaming, I used to play Madden religiously. When I was going to school online, my lecture videos would bore me and playing Madden while listening to my videos was a lifesaver. It’s amazing how far video game technology has come and I’m curious to see what the future of gaming holds.

    1. Hi Todd!

      Yes! The subscriptions are amazing! They allow access to large libraries, and save so much money. 

      Each brand has their own subscription plan, or if your a cross-platform player, you’ll want to check out this article:

      Thanks for visiting our website, and for commenting here!

  12. I was originally thinking of getting an xbox one due to the fact that it is backwards compatible and I have a bunch of xbox 360 games, and the console but now I think that it might just be better to go with the playstation 4.  I am interested in getting the spiderman bundle, my daughter loves to play spiderman and I don’t really care that it is not backwards compatable since I do not have any PS3 games anyway.

    1. Hi Shy!

      Yes… You are in the ideal situation where you aren’t “attached” to any PS3 games that you already own and want to continue playing. Great thing is if you plan to use PlayStation Now, you will have access to all of PS games w/out the need to purchase the discs. 

      Also, it is nice to have one of each platform to access all of the exclusives. 🙂

      Thank you for commenting here, and happy gaming!

  13. This article is an eye-opener for me! I had already purchased a PS4 because my wife and I like to play Diablo 3, and there were updates to the game that weren’t available on the PS3 because the game is no longer supported on that platform. So, basically, I had sold all my disc PS3 games for the reason they don’t run on the PS4, as you indicate. It’s a bit too late for me to take advantage of this information as I am not pining away for PS3 games anymore, having fully graduated to my PS4 platform. 

    Speaking of Diablo 3, I’m a bit surprised it’s not ranked as a favorite here, but maybe it’s a bit old-school now! 

    I’m glad I found your site as it looks to have some comprehensive info on PS4 stuff and I’m starting to think about VR.

    1. Hi Marc!

      Thank you so much for commenting here!

      Yes, many PS gamers have traveled down your road. It’s a bit of an inconvenience. At least there’s the ability to play PS3 games through PS Now, should you get the itch.

      Diablo is one of the top selling games for PC, and still pretty popular among console players. Did you know that Diablo 4 is in production? I’ll have some details on that added here soon.  

      There is MUCH more to come in the world of VR. I will have more articles in the future as technology continues to bring us new products. For now, check this out:

      Why Oculus VR is the Leader of Virtual Reality Gaming

  14. I tried PS Now and to be honest I wasn’t really impressed with it. It is the same size screen as if you are broadcasting and while I do live broadcasts my videos are not usually that long as the small screen really hinders the game play. For example, I did a broadcast where there was a griefer on the server on Grand Theft Auto and it was really difficult to see exactly where he was on the map. Okay, I am currently playing on a 32 inch screen but at the moment I can’t afford a bigger television, maybe some day. And as for the PS Now membership is a bit high and also I reckon at this stage all the PS servers would probably be shut down.

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