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Why? Because they’re AWESOME!

In this article, I will give you a few of the reasons that gamers invest in their own modded Xbox One controller. After you read this, I encourage you to do some browsing on the topic. It’s quite fun! I’ve even included a link at the bottom of this page to help you in your research. But first…

Why buy a customized controller?

Rapid Fire

Plus… auto aim, quick scope, and active reload, just to list a few. These are some of the modification combination options you can choose from to enhance the performance of your controller that will result in more accurate and efficient game play. As the terms above suggest, these controllers are designed primarily for games with weapons. So if you’re familiar with Call of Duty, Fortnite, Halo, Gears of War, Fallout, Destiny, Far Cry, Titan Fall, and Grand Theft Auto, then you want to read this article.

How do the Mods work? The magic is in a special microchip that’s installed when your controller is built. The chip enables the fastest trigger response possible in the game that you’re playing. If you’re using one of these controllers, your competition doesn’t stand a chance! You’ll be firing instantly and consistently before their trigger has even responded to their finger.

Hint: This is HUGE for online gaming!

Custom Colors and Designs

From classic to metallic colored shells, you can find just about any color scheme your heart desires. And the designs are endless! Camo? Sure. Superheroes? Yep. Characters like Spongebob, Minions and Hello Kitty? You betcha. Skulls, zombies, bloody hands and bio hazard symbols? Someone’s got you covered. Cannabis Leaf? If your into that kind of thing, it’s out there. Minecraft. Star Wars. Snakes and Dragons. Even game designs, like Call of Duty. Chances are, if you look for it, you can probably find it.

Not only can you customize the shell, but you can select colors and designs for the trim, the buttons, the triggers, and the battery packs as well! Check out the Military-inspired Armed Forces shells with silver or gold bullet buttons. Create a Spiderman shell with color-changing illumination buttons. Design a zombie inspired controller to reflect your deep-rooted fandom of The Walking Dead. There are so many options! You can design a modded controller for anyone!

Xbox One Controller

Custom LED lights

You know that small LED light right on the top middle of the controller?

You can make that ANY color you WANT!

OR, you can choose a custom symbol such as Deadpool. How cool is that???

And if modern “non-heroes” aren’t your thing, you can retro it up with a Batman signal or an Iron Man heart.

All are worthy choices for your new handheld power toy. LED light modifications are the modded option you didn’t even know you wanted. So, go ahead. Light it up!

Enhanced Call of Duty and Fortnite gameplay

Game specific Add-on Mods. Yes! That’s a thing!

Add-on Mods perform specific functions for specific games, such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. Build a modded controller with one of these mods in it, and up your game! Reaction, timing, and focusing modifications are beneficial in any game where responsiveness is crucial to the win, or at least not dying. If you play either one of these games, you might want to check out these Add-on Mods.

The Toy for Anyone!

No doubt, every gamer should at some point have their own customized controller. Let your creativity flow. Showcase your personality. The design process is FUN and EASY. The end product is a masterpiece that you can’t wait to show to your friends. (Yes, show. Not share. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal not to want anyone else to touch your new toy.)

And! Just putting this out there…

There is no gamer, child or adult, that wouldn’t LOVE one of these modded Xbox One controllers for a GIFT! Gift BoxThink Birthday, Anniversary, and ANY Holiday throughout the year. Show someone how much you love them on Valentine’s Day. Throw one in your kid’s Halloween bucket. Slide one into a stocking, right next to the socks and underwear they didn’t ask for and don’t want. There are 365 days of opportunity to put a smile on the face of someone in your life with a modded Xbox One controller!

About Controller Chaos

Now here’s a company that’s been around for a minute (since 2008), and knows a thing or two about modded controllers.  Here are some reasons why they’re an industry leader:

  1. Extensive selection of color patterns and graphics
  2. Made in the USA
  3. Quality Brand-name parts
  4. Free shipping in the USA
  5. Extended Warranty available for 12 months
  6. Support Team to get you gaming as fast as possible (if the included instructions aren’t enough)
  7. Customer Satisfaction! As of today, they have great reviews.
  8. DEAL OF THE DAY and Monthly Contests! Customer appreciation and interaction for the WIN!

They even have a Parent Section on their website. As a parent myself, I appreciate that. Between the Parent Section and the FAQ’s, they answer all of the most common questions: What is all this terminology? How much do these cost? How long does it take to build one of these? Will my child be able to use this? Can these controllers be used to play other games? What games and systems are compatible? What kind of mods are there, and what do they do?

Start here:  www.controllerchaos.com  and see what awesomeness YOU can create! Select your Brand, then either ‘Custom Designs’ ‘Limited Edition’ ‘Freestyle Collection’ or ‘Show All’ to see what they have to offer. BTW, they can also customize for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo! If your a PC Gamer, be sure to check out their mouse and keyboard section!

For more information about Controller Chaos, visit their ‘About Us’ page to watch the YouTube video “How It’s Made.” They are a very transparent company. Learn about their startup and evolution. View diagrams of their warehouses. Their passion in what they do exudes from their website!

I hope you enjoyed this article, and have a better understanding of why gamers invest in a modded controller. Hopefully I’ve inspired you to create your own!


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  1. This is a really interesting post! So now game controllers have become a sort of vanity piece to be customized. Sounds cool! If I were going to customize my son’s controller, I’d have some Eddie Van Halen guitar stripes on it. 🙂 Can’t beat that – it’s iconic! On a much deeper level, what I find fascinating is how the controllers canbe adapted to better suit the reaction requirements of specific games you mention such as Fortnite. It boggles the mind.


    1. Thank you for the kind words, Norman! It really is a fascinating piece of the game world. I’d love for you to return with a follow-up story of that Van Halen controller some day! Thank you so much for sharing, and thank you for visiting our website!

  2. very cool. This is something I may need to hide from my son as the list has already gone off to santa. awesome idea, however if he keeps losing his temper the way he does playing Fifa I fear it could end up in the trash. Can deffo understand why the serious gamers would treat themselves to something unique and creative. great post man. really well written. 

    1. Hi Lee,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a post! Between you and me, I think there are elves that help add items to already sent lists  😉

      At this time of year, especially, it warms my heart to see these posts on gifting! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and thank you for visiting our website!

  3. Hello Chris! You’re article was very engaging and I got the picture that this controller is one heck of a piece of technology. Unfortunately, I’m quite remedial when it comes to gaming. I look at gaming equipment because I have an 11 year old middle schooler who loves games like Fortnite and others you mentioned, but I have a few questions that may show how naive I am about how these things actually work…

    Question 1: At one point, you were talking about the controller which is offline, right?  Then, you went on to talk about skins, mods, and other things.  Are those online components of the game?

    Question 2: Is this controller available at retailers like Best Buy or Amazon? I’m cautious about online retailers and I don’t have much experience with Controller Chaos or Modded Zone. Why do you prefer them?

    1. Hi Tiffany! 

      GREAT questions! Let me start by answering the first one:

      Yes, these modded controllers are the actual physical devices that you hold and use to play your games, in the same manner as you would hold and use a store-bought controller. 

      The mods (modifications) I am referring to, in this case, are optional add-on softwares that you can choose to be programmed into your controller when it is being built. There are different types of mods depending on the functionality you’d like your controller to have, which depends on the types of games you like to play. You select the mod(s) from a list of options, add them to your order with all of your other customized selections, and they will be built into the microchip inside of your controller! Then, almost like magic, your controller can do things that no store bought controller can do! 

      As for your second question:

      No, these modded controllers are not found at retailers, as they are each custom made at the time of order. They are uniquely designed by each individual consumer to be a one-of-a-kind controller with enhanced performance capabilities! I prefer to use and recommend companies that have both experience in providing quality products, and customer satisfaction reviews that reflect that. Both Controller Chaos and Modded Zone have been around for several years with a solid reputation, and continue to lead the industry in the realm of the customized controller.

      I hope this response is helpful to you, and thank you for visiting our website!

  4. This was an exciting artical about the Modded xbox 1 controller. I love the excitement in your word telling this is agreat product  go ahead a get it. You explain how the xbox 2. Controller works with all the game compatible to it. This was a great and informative article. I will be sure to check out this controller. 

    Thank you and i appreciate all this great information thank you again.

    1. Hi Quinn! Thank you for taking the time to comment on this new article. I’m glad that you found the information useful! We are continuing to expand, so please stop back. Thank you for visiting our website!

  5. i am avery big funad of game i love playing video games during my free time they make my mind free and keep me occupied. no boredom though my question says which types of games do you offer play station 4 ex box one or nintendo please be more specific do you have games like gta 5 do you also offer pc games or only video games



    1. Hi Noor! Thank you for your comment and question. We will soon have a page designated for all types of games for all platforms including those you mentioned. Please check back as we are currently expanding. Thank you so much for visiting our website!

  6. Great topic Cris! I must say that I enjoy in playing video games and one of my favorites is Call of Duty. I have planned to buy Xbox Controller and you give me great idea to buy customized one. This can also be a great present for my friend who is crazy for video games. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment here! I’m glad you found this information useful, and may have found a new gift idea! It’s definitely a fun and unique gift! Be sure to check back as we continue to expand  🙂   Thank you for visiting our website!

  7. I have been looking to buy a customized controller for my brother for this Christmas. And I was looking for pages to find a good one and then I found this article. I’m glad I found this now I exactly know what to expect and which one to get for my brother for this Christmas. Thank you helping me to find him a good Customized controller.

    1. Hi again Sujandar! Always nice to see a familiar name in the comments. Thank you for returning to our site!

      I’m glad that you found this article, and it sounds like your brother will be as well! 

      These make wonderful gifts!!!

  8. Great post on modded Xbox one controllers. My son who loves to game tried to mod his own controller, but it didn’t go as planned. He did get it to do some rapid firing, but other than that not much happened. Even though he modded it, it didn’t last very long. Christmas is coming up he has kind of let me know what type of controller he has been looking for. So I really appreciate this article coming up at this time, now I know where to get his modded controller from. What I really like and I know he’ll appreciate is that he can change the color of the led light. Red is such an overdone color.

    1. Hi Jag!

      I love your son’s ambition! 

      He will surely be excited to receive a custom built modded controller for Christmas. And if you are the one to design it for him, what a fun experience that will be for you! There are so many options! The process is so easy and fun. Plus, no one else will have a controller like his, and everyone will wonder where he got it!

      Thank you for your comment, and for visiting our website! Please visit again soon!

  9. Interesting! I’ve heard of special edition controllers but haven’t actually looked into the modded side of things. 

    While I do see the advantages this has when it comes to better control during gaming, do you see any downsides to this? Like void warranties or possible malfunctions and all that?

    Great article! Pretty informative.

    1. Hi Mike!

      Great question. Warranties on any type of controller are typically 90 days. Same goes for modded styles. Some places, such as Controller Chaos, will offer an extended year. 

      As far as voiding the warranty: this could happen if you decided to try to modify the controller yourself after purchase.

      Any malfunctions should be covered under the warranty(ies) so long as it wasn’t due to gamer negligence.

      So, your typical warranty lingo  🙂

      Hope this helps clarify… thanks for visiting our website!

  10. When it comes to gaming I tend to have an urge for modding things myself… have done so with gamecube, wii, etc (mostly Nintendo consoles). So the idea of modding an xBox One Controller is definitely intriguing to me.

    I am curious though I play Fifa on xBox one will this help improve my gameplay? I’m by no means a professional but I feel that response could be a little faster than a regular controller with a modded one.

    Even then I wonder sometimes if it’s worth paying the extra money for a modded controller as I don’t seem to remember button combos… what do you think? Is there a way to customize the buttons on a modded controller so rather than having to do a combo of buttons I can just do one button?

    I Look forward to your response.

    1. Hi Josh! 

      Thanks for returning to our website! 

      In regards to your question on Fifa… most controller mods effect speed, timing, precision, accuracy, etc, and are meant for use with shooter games to increase performance with aim, fire rate, rapid reloading, etc. While you can customize the buttons, and remap them even, I haven’t seen an option for a combo setting. However, I do know that some players have found the mods useful when playing other types of games, such as Fifa, with having the advantage of increased speed, for example.

      In your case, since you like to mod things yourself, you may opt to find a paddle control system that would eliminate the need to move your thumbs from the thumbsticks, and maybe change out the thumbsticks themselves to either a lower profile or texured design for faster response and better accuracy. And if you’d like a professionally made controller you can customize, (specifically for Fifa even!), check out scufgaming.com, as their mods cover a broader spectrum… but they do come with a higher price.

  11. This is another great review full of information. I always enjoy reading your reviews because they are very helpful. This is the most extensive and comprehensive review I have read on the modded Xbox one controller. My son is a game lover and I got this product for him sometime last year. Your specifications about the product are right on. Highly durable and not too expensive. Made a great gift.

  12. Wow. Awesome controller. I do love video games but my brother is the video game expert. I’ve never heard him mention one of these, so I’m not sure he knows about it yet. It might be a wonderful idea to gift him one of these on his birthday coming up in March. So I’m glad that I found your article at the right time. 

    I know it’s not available with Amazon, as I checked it, so I’ll purchase it from your given link, even though there might be some shipment charges.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review. Looking forward to more articles from you. Bookmarked your website. 

    1. Hi, and thank you for commenting here!

      These do make wonderful gifts! 

      And I’m glad you checked Amazon… I do the same thing! While Amazon does sell some pre-made “customized” controllers, which means they have a built-in mod of some kind, the controllers you create at Controller Chaos are completely modified to your chosen settings and may include several customized options. In the end, you have a ONE-OF-A-KIND controller! Have fun designing, and happy gaming!

  13. The modded Xbox One controller is superb and it’s a controller that every gamer will love. There are a lot of options people could find out about and design their own unique controller. The light emitting diode which comes in customized colours and can be manipulated as desired is an awesome feature of this controller. 

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