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Gaming Chairs For Adults

Investing in a gaming chair is like spending the extra $8 to get more leg room on your cross-country flight. If you’re going to be in the seat for more than an hour, your body is going to thank you later for making the upgrade. Not only do gaming chairs provide ergonomic comfort, but they also prevent back pain and body aches one can experience with long gaming (or working) hours.

I found a website a couple weeks ago that really peaked my interest, and I decided to write this review on gaming chairs for adults based upon what I’ve learned so far.

In this article, I will discuss build and durability, customizable features, where to find the best deal when buying a gaming chair online, and share what the decision-making factor was for me. By the end of this review, you should have a good idea of whether a custom gaming chair is right for you.

First, let’s review the basics:

Basic Features

DXRacer Gaming Chair     DXRacer Elite Series Gaming Chair     

Here are some features that all brands appear to have in common:

1. Ergonomic Design – This is the primary reason gamers invest in a gaming chair. It’s purpose is to allow the body to withstand long hours in the chair without the back and body aches that otherwise inevitably follow.

2. Adjustable Back Positions – Most models seem to have adjustable back positions ranging from 90 to 180 degrees of recline. While most people will spend the majority of their time in a much smaller segment of that range, it’s said that the recline and ‘flat-back’ positions are simply meant to enable one to ‘stretch and rest.’

3. Adjustable Armrests – Armrests can be fixed, or adjustable by height (up and down), direction (left to right and/or front to back), and angle (surface degree). I agree with most testimony, that this feature alone is a major pain-saver. The typical office chair with adjustable armrests will generally have some ability to adjust in height, and maybe lift up out of the way, but the additional directional and angle adjustments on some models of gaming chairs may allow for position shifts that relieve tension from the neck down.Game Chair Ergonomics

4. Lumbar and Headrest Cushions – Supposedly, these cushions do their part to keep you comfortable in your game chair for the long haul. Depending on the model, they may be loose, or attached by straps that allow you to slide the cushion up and down until it’s in the right position for you.

5. Adjustable Height – Now, of everything that I’ve listed so far, this is the most basic of the basics. This is notable, but expected. I’m not sure how a game chair would sell without it.

6. Base / Footrest – I could repeat what I just wrote for #5 here. I will note that with gaming chairs this is typically one in the same part. The base IS the footrest. What I did find interesting with this feature was the modification of each “foot” on some brands that widened at the surface, thereby ACTUALLY making it usable as a footrest.

All in all, the basic design does seem to have both comfort and longevity of use in mind.

Are Gaming Chairs Built For Durability?

Durability of Gaming Chairs

Let’s take a look at some of the features that might determine durability:

1. Base Strength – In comparing different brands and models, I found all of the bases to be made of either Nylon or Aluminum. At first, I questioned the difference in material, but found feedback in support of both so long as the weight limit was not exceeded. Naturally, the aluminum base is rated to support more weight.

2. Max Weight Support – The Big and Tall section isn’t just for clothes! There are game chairs designed to support tall people and up to 450lbs! The max weight support of each chair differs and should be clearly stated in each product description. If you simply buy the chair with the appropriate weight limit, then you shouldn’t have any issues with it failing under normal and expected use.

3. Cover Materials – As you’ll see, there are definitely countless cover options. However, the basic material groups are fabric, polyurethane, and vinyl. Now, once you factor in style, you’re left to decide, in some cases, what’s more important? That super cool fabric design you have your eye on, or the extra life you may gain in the chair if you go with the highest rated vinyl? In my personal opinion, when investing in something you hope to have for a long time, you choose the material that is made to last the longest, then you select the style. But you may decide to choose your style over and above the strongest material, knowing that you may consequentially lose a little bit of life. Naturally, prioritizing is going to differ for everyone.

What’s Customized?

Game Chair Color Options

In addition to the basic features, there are selections that can be made to fit your personal preference:

1. Color – What is the point in buying anything customized if not to select your own color or design? There are quite a few out there to choose from, and with many models, the lumbar and headrest cushions are designed to match.

2. Style and Adjustability – As there are various styles and degrees of adjustment, you’ll want to select the best combination of options for your height and weight. Another factor you may want to consider is environment, which I’ll discuss further in a moment.

Some color and style options currently available at chairs4gaming:

DXRacer Drifting Series Gaming Chair     DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair     DXRacer Iron Series Gaming Chair     DXRacer Boss Gaming Chair

Minor Drawbacks?

Aren’t there always?

The 1st issue is that the cushions aren’t independently selected by you. Rather, different styles come with different chair models. So you get what you get.

The cushions are the one feature that seem to get the brunt of the negative feedback and constructive criticism in customer reviews. Here’s a quote from a product site:

“…not a huge fan of the pillows it came with. It straightens up my posture…”

Often times, people will return to the purchase site immediately or soon after they receive their product to write a review. While I can relate to wanting to share excitement of a new product, or lack thereof, it can be really beneficial to other shoppers to write a review after the product has been used a while.

I suspect that the negative response may be a bit unjust. We don’t know the context in which this is being said. Is this a brand new chair with brand new cushions that need to be “formed” a bit?

Gaming Chairs For Adults - Cushions       Gaming Chairs For Adults - Graphic

After reading a few more similar reviews, here’s the verdict:

Some people feel the cushions are not thick enough. Some people feel they are too thick. It seems to me that this is a preference issue more than a flaw.

Solution: If they’re not comfortable, don’t use them! You’re not out any money… they come free with the chair!

The 2nd issue that seems to come up often is shape, specifically in the shoulder area.

Due to a wildly popular style of gaming chair in recent years, the “winged back” or “racing style” chair, conflicting reviews have surfaced all but negating the claim that the style is anything close to ergonomic. New customers, as well as seasoned game chair owners, are proclaiming that the shape is restricting and promotes slouching. For those with larger frames or broad shoulders, there is apparently no ability to maintain good posture because the “wings” are in the way.

However, despite these claims, one of the best selling gaming chairs prevails with it’s race style chairback: the DXRacer Racing Series. A spike in DXRacers sales undoubtedly followed the recent surge of popularity, as the brand has been broadcast by gamers and streamers all over game platforms, YouTube and social media.

Solution: Don’t buy a racing or “winged back” style just because it’s popular!

Remember, there are MANY styles available and often times guides to help you find the right fit.

Are These Chairs Worth It?

This article may have you curious in taking a closer look at a product that you may not have otherwise considered. But I’m sure you’re wondering …

1. Are these chairs worth it?

2. Do these brands deliver on what they’ve advertised?

3. Are customers happy with their purchase???

Let’s take a look at some 5 star reviews I found online:

“… Worth every penny.”Gaming Chairs For Adults - 5 Stars

“Huge upgrade from my last chair…”

“Fast and efficient delivery…”

“… great chair especially for the price…”

“Super comfortable…”

“… this chair is relieving my pain…”

“… very easy to put together.”

“Love the chair. The quality of materials used were better than expected…”

“… if you spend many hours a day in your office chair, this is the one you want.”

“… I would buy another one for sure.”

Things To Consider BEFORE You Buy

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself during the selection process:

1. Are you an inside smoker? If so, I wouldn’t order the fabric cover as it will inhale all that smoke, and never let it go.

2. Do you have any kids? If young kids are going to be around this chair, you may want to think about accidents, spills and stains. Then go with the vinyl. It’s the highest rated for durability and the easiest to clean.

3. Do you have any pets? In contradiction to the choice youGray Cat would make in #2, the fabric is the winner here as it is allegedly more resistant to claws (It’s also the cheaper one to replace).

4. Are you always hot or cold? Yes. Wait… do I pick one? If your body temp fluctuates, you may have to decide between fabric that pretty much stays room temp, or periodically sticking to or freezing in your chair. Okay, freezing might be a bit dramatic. Think about what your leather (or fabric) car seats feel like in the summer or winter. Which do you prefer, or wish you had? Personally, I like the PU or vinyl over the fabric, but I tend to get cold. My fix… a blanket!

5. Do you plan to eat or drink in this chair? Again. Stains. Go with the PU or Vinyl. Waterproof. Easy to clean.

Where Is The Best Deal Online?

To shop a WIDE selection of gaming chairs including multiple 5 star brands and models, you want to check out Chairs4Gaming. Here’s what they offer:

Over 150 different chairs in their online showroom…

Top Name Brands like DXRacer and AKRacing

FREE shipping on all orders…

Promised delivery within 5 business days

Next day shipping for USA and CANADA…


Now, one Amazon junkie to another… you can find some good options on Amazon, and have it delivered fast if you’re a Prime member. BUT, if you want one of these chairs WITHOUT the upfront bill, then Chairs4Gaming is the clear choice to take advantage of the 0% Financing. Also …

It’s worth noting that Chairs4Gaming provides:

  • size guides
  • assembly instructions
  • student discounts
  • military discounts
  • tax-free purchases
  • live chat support
  • 2 year warranty on parts
  • lifetime warranty on the frame

Final Thoughts…

Based on this research and the number of positive experiences I’ve read about, my impression and understanding of gaming chairs has definitely evolved.

Here is the deciding factor for me: multiple accounts of testimony from people that have previously bought gaming chairs somewhere else exclaiming that these chairs are THE most comfortable gaming/office chairs you can buy.

As both a gamer and an office worker, I need a comfortable chair! (And I’m not giving tax advice here, but I’d totally put this receipt in my write-offs file. Maybe you can too?)

To find out whether a gaming chair might be right for you…

Get more info directly from chairs4gaming. Take a look now at some of the trending styles:

Gaming Chairs For Adults at chairs4gaming



Happy gaming!


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  1. I always wanted to get a gaming chair but never know where to get it and what kind I should be getting. So after doing some research I found this article and I read it. It was awesome because it gave me all the informations about a gaming chair and what I should be looking for when I’m getting one for myself. Thank you for sharing this it was really helpful.

    1. Hi Sujandar!

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you found us and that this article was helpful in your research. Please revisit as often as you like, and start here to browse a great selection of chairs!

  2. I certainly can see that a good chair Is essential if you are one who spends a lot of time in a chair at work or wherever.

    I didn’t even realize there were such a thing as a gaming chair but it makes sense considering how long gamers sit at one stretch at a time.

    1. Hi Stew!

      Exactly right! When you spend a lot of time in the chair, comfort is essential. What style works best is different for everyone, of course, which is why I wanted to include this post on our site. Check back, as I plan to add more information on chairs soon!

      Thanks for your comment, and for visiting our website!

  3. This is a great article! I didn’t know that there was such thing but I’m so down for getting a gaming chair!! 

    I’m a teacher and when I’m working at home, like you said, I need a comfortable chair. I’m also a “minor” gamer and would love to be comfortable when I’m playing 🙂 The look of the chairs is also cool. Since I don’t have cats here with me ( I actually have one at my mom’s house), I don’t have to worry about that but I know exactly what you mean. When I lived at my mom’s, my cat destroyed at least 2 office chairs..

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Victor!

      Thanks for commenting on this article!

      I’m glad that we could introduce you to the world of gaming chairs! Yes, it is great that these can serve a dual purpose. Return as often as you like until you find the perfect chair! Please come back after your purchase and share your experience!

  4. What a wonderful chair!! This chair seems to be comfortable even as an office chair. When I first saw this post, I asked myself why do people need gaming chair? People nowadays are spending a lot of time in gaming rooms – some for entertainment, and others for earning money. 

    People need to sit comfortably and protect their back!

    Thank you for the post.

    1. Hi Julienne!

      Yes. Whether gaming, or working, a lot of people spend long hours in a chair during the day. With the right chair, hopefully people are able to sit comfortably without the pain!

      Thanks for posting here, and thank you for visiting our website!

  5. Gaming chairs are definitely a hot buy among avid gamers. I know many who play video games well into the night, especially the night before days they’re off from work. They have all invested in gaming chairs over the years for some of the reasons you’ve listed above, namely to avoid delayed soreness. It’s a great investment for gamers all around if they want their bodies to alleviate pressure, especially on the low back. In the long run, it will pay dividends. 

  6. Excellent! I do spend most of my time in front of a computer, either gaming or working. I have an old and I do mean old computer chair my sister found on the side of the road. It kinda sucks but free is free right? I didn’t know they made gaming chairs.

    I have a callus on my right elbow from where I lean on my desk to use the keyboard. And to top it all off…I have terrible shoulder pain. Can’t even lift a gallon milk jug with that arm. I looked at those chairs, and your article was very thorough so thank you. I’m definitely going to look into it.

    1. Hi Polly!

      It does sound like you are due to treat yourself to a comfortable work and game chair! Shopping for one can be quite fun as there are so many options. 

      Here’s another article you may be interested in while continuing your research:

      Custom Gaming Chairs: DXRacer Racing Series

      Hope this guide helps, and you find the perfect chair!

  7. Hi Cris,

    WOW, awesome article, I enjoyed the reading!

    My husband is a big gamer:) He plays every single day when he comes back from work. He sits long hours and lately his back start to hurt very much. He will soon celebrate his birthday, so I thought I would buy him a gaming chair. Not only it will relieve his back pain, but it will also allow him to play comfortably.  I just would like to know if something goes wrong with the chair, will the manufacturer provide good support? 

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hi Daniella!

      Thanks for commenting here!

      As with most products you buy, gaming chairs are sold with warranties. They vary, of course, by manufacturer, but the companies I’ve mentioned in this particular article have good ones (as of today anyway), with customer reviews to back them up. I would just be sure to look into that detail before you purchase from any site!

      For more info, and a buying guide, see this article as well:

  8. Wow such a unique website! Adult gaming chairs??? I LOVE IT!!! This idea is super great! I usually have difficulty trying to stay comfortable playing my favorite games and this chair could put all my aches to rest! The ergonomics is fantastic! I look forward to purchasing my very own gaming chair soon!! Thank you for showing me this beautiful creation!!

  9. Out of curiosity, are you familiar with any models that are rather portable? Or are these chairs pretty much stationary once you set them down? I normally play in my living room but I’d like to be able to easily move the chair out of the living room when company arrives. Or am I better off with a normal office chair?

    1. Hi Craig!

      Thank you for your comment and questions.

      These chairs are all easy to move, as they all have wheels! They make great office chairs, so you could move it around as you please between the living room and office if they’re on the same floor. 

      If you want something truly portable, foldable, and easy to hideaway, you may want to look at a separate chair altogether for your living room. Check this out: Portable Gaming Chair

  10. I think this is a wonderful idea!  You are so right!  If we spend so much time playing a game, we may as well be comfortable and look after our bodies at the same time!

    It’s interesting that you should mention back pain and body aches.  I noticed this and was wondering what the best solution is to the problem.  Your suggestions are very helpful and I think I’m going to look into purchasing a good chair that will help me prevent the back pain and body aches.

    You mention fabrics and styles.  Is it possible to get these gaming chairs in leather?  It would certainly last longer than vinyl and may be a more comfortable fit.

    A thorough review is better than a biased review – I agree with you that the review should be done once the item has actually been used for some time before jumping to conclusions without proving it to be so.  It’s great that the cushions come free with the chair.  I would assume they would be there to double up the use of the chair as a lounge chair too.

    For me personally the winged back just doesn’t look right and I don’t think I’d be comfortable in it.  You make so many valid points and the best is, if you don’t like it don’t choose it.  I really like your review because you give the reader many options to choose from without feeling restricted and forced to choose something they don’t want!

    The winner is all the guarantees at the end!

    Thank you so much for such a thorough review.  When I have the means to purchase one, I’ll look for the one that suits my needs.  You’ve given me some food for thought!


    1. Hi Edu!

      Great question about the materials. I’m not familiar with a gaming chair made with natural leather. However, the PU (polyurethane) covers are made to have the look and feel of leather. 

      The vinyl used in gaming chairs is a high-end, soft and flexible vinyl specifically made with comfort, durability and easy-cleaning in mind. (more durable than the PU, and much more cost effective than natural leather)

      If you like a style with less “wing”, I’d look at the Classic or Boss Series. Here’s an example:

      DXRacer Classic Series   – Black (other color options available)

      Thanks so much for visiting our site, and taking the time to comment here!

  11. As a former gamer, my biggest regret was not investing in a gaming chair and now I suffer from chronic back pain and bad posture!

    I would recommend anyone who plays more than 1 hour a day to buy one…trust me, you wont regret it!

    You have done an excellent job highlighting the pros and cons as well as providing alternatives to Amazon! 

  12. I like you’re breakdown of the topic.  I have a gaming racing wheel setup with a stand but have been using an old office chair.  Time to upgrade because the arm rests get in the way of the steering rig.  Do you have any suggestions for chairs to go with driving setups?

    1. Hi Will!

      If you have a Fanatec, Thrustmaster, or otherwise compatible racing wheel setup, I would totally recommend getting a cockpit!

      Here’s a link to one for you to check out: Openwheeler Cockpit

      If you’re thinking more of an office style gaming chair, then there are several factors that you should consider in your new search: what type of racing wheel you have, what your setup is, what your driving style is, how tall you are, etc. 

      As for the chair, consider the wheel base, height adjustment, backrest recline, and you’ll want the lowest profile armrests with height adjustment, OR just leave them off! If you’re only using it for racing, just don’t screw them on! 

      Also, if you race with a VR headset, or have the ability to be low to the ground, check out this rocker:

      X Rocker Gaming Chair: The Foldable Gaming Chair!  Super stable for side motion because it has no base, and NO armrests!

      Hope this helps. Good luck in your search, and thanks for posting here!

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