FREE Kids Games Online

FREE Kids Games Online

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Playing video games at home on the big screen is ideal for the best player experience, but it’s nice to have some game options for mobile use, and for those who are still too young to manage a game controller. Here, we’ve listed some of the most popular websites for FREE kids games online that entertain when you’re on-the-go or on a tablet!


A lot of games can be both fun and educational!

Boy Plays Free Online Games

Abcya, Education, and Sumdog

These are all websites that have learning games for kids that offer fun activities conveniently categorized by grade, subjects, and various topics.

Check them out here:


Have a kiddo that doesn’t enjoy math, or finds it difficult?

Spark excitement about math on Prodigy!

Have a kiddo that LOVES math?

Then this is the website for them!

This website has various math games available for all Elementary School age kids:

It may not sound fun, but it is!

This site is full of fun games and funny animations to keep kids returning time and time again. Enjoy exciting games, flash cards, worksheets, quizzes, and competitions!

PBS Kids

This site offers popular T.V. character games such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Ready Jet Go, Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Caillou, Sesame Street, and SO MANY MORE!

It even has games with Special Edition and Holiday themes:

Free KIds Games Online


This is a website that is all about animals!

Learn cool animal facts about 100+ species!

See pictures, hear sounds, do puzzles, build online habitats and biomes, go on a scavenger hunt, and more!

SwitchZoo Create an Animal

You can even create your own animals!


Games that are meant to be educational are GREAT, but sometimes you just want something to entertain! Here are a couple of websites that offer a LARGE variety of games. While you certainly can learn from some of these games, a lot of them are just for fun!

Imagine, create, build, code, design, and more! Find it all here:

Roblox is widely recognized as the largest user-generated online gaming platform. They claim to offer over 15 million games created by users, for users. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a game to play here. Use the search bar to narrow it down with a keyword such as race car, theme park, fashion design, superhero, trucks, blocks, etc. Currently accessible on any mobile device, Amazon device, and even XBox One! Check it out!

Online Fun offers thousands of games to choose from including classic crosswords, Mahjong, Sudoku, racing, shooting, puzzles, baking, hair and nails, fashion, hidden objects, mystery rooms, sports, and more. There are even games based on the characters of the movie Frozen!

STRATEGY GAMES for Older Kids (or Adults!)

Action, building, and strategy!

Develop cities, build armies, erect forts in the Middle Ages, grow and harvest crops, become a fashion model or a dragon keeper. Games such as Forge of Empires, Elvenar, Big Farm, Charm Farm, Magoia, Dragon’s Prophet, Call of War, Lady Popular, and Pirate Storm.

Strategy Games - Build an Empire

The Video Game Name Generator

Did you know that there are video game name generators that can create your very own character name?

There are actually a LOT of name generators out there, but after playing around on a few, we found a website that has multiple categories including an Xbox GamerTag generator!

You can check it out at the name generator!

With a click of a button you can create screen names, character names, team names, place names, fantasy names, and the list goes on. The site is updated often, and takes User feedback from people like me and you!

The Best Subscription Based Content

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

This is affordable subscription based content that can be accessed on Android, iOS, and Kindle devices.

Subscriptions start at just $2.99/month for Prime members ($4.99/month w/o Prime), and includes unlimited access to books, Audibles, t.v., movies, ad-free music, Echo skills, educational apps and games. Parental controls allow the parent to create profiles and customize settings for content, screen time limits, browsing and more.

*** There is also a discounted FAMILY annual rate currently at $83 a year! Up to FOUR kids can use the same subscription, and you can use it on multiple devices.

This can make a GREAT gift!!!

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy is a wonderful resource for hundreds of games, books, puzzles, songs, and over 2000 printable worksheets and art pages!

They also offer a comprehensive full online curriculum for kids ages 2 – 8.

With their integrated ticket system, children are rewarded for completing activities which encourages them to return and learn more.

When you join, you can create a custom Avatar for your child, and gain access to all of the website activities including the interactive Farm, Zoo, and Aquarium!

Gift 1 Year of ABCmouse for 49% for Only $59.95!

There is ZERO advertising on this website, so kids can enjoy independently without the parental worry of pop-up ads.

This site receives praise around the world from satisfied parents, and has received several honors and awards.

Funny VIDEOS ahead…

Now and again, you need a little something to pass the time, but don’t feel like putting in much effort. In other words, you want to relax, but still want to be entertained. Let’s face it… doing nothing is BORING! Here are some funny videos that, at most, would be rated PG… if they were rated. Kids find them funny. Adults find them funny. Enjoy!

Simon’s Cat

These funny videos have been around for years now. They have their own website at, where you can also find some pretty cool Simon’s Cat swag.

Or, you can watch them on YouTube at


Below are some of our old favorites to get you started. They go WAY back to the beginning of the Simon’s Cat collection, which now has hundreds of Simon’s Cat videos!

Simon’s Cat | Fly Guy

Simon’s Cat | Scary Legs

Simon’s Cat | Cat Man Do

About This Page

This page is contributed to and influenced by Alex and Dane, the youngest video game players and authors in our household. For more information about these two aspiring website bloggers, please see directly below!

Hi, I’m Alex. As the oldest child in the household, I’ve been allowed to share ideas on pages, articles, posts, pictures, and videos on our website. I’ve been gaming for a while now, and I’ve played all sorts of video games. My two favorite types of video games are racing and shooter. Right now, like the rest of the gaming world, I’m pretty addicted to Fortnite. When I need a mobile game or activity, I use the websites I’ve mentioned above. I hope you like them!

Hi, I’m Dane. I get to help my brother, Alex, post stuff on our website, too! My two favorite types of video games are puzzle and shooter. When I’m not trying to beat my brother in Fortnite, I like to build in Minecraft or compete in Overcooked. If you’re not familiar with Overcooked, I HIGHLY recommend it for family game night! When I’m on-the-road with the family, the websites above keep me entertained, and I get to learn new things! My mom says that’s a “Win – Win!”


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