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DXRacer is one of the most popular brands in gaming chairs. In recent years, these chairs have been seen in countless videos on live streams, YouTube, social media platforms, and event broadcasts. Lately, however, there have been some conflicting reviews for DXRacer, and I find it interesting that most are in regard to a particular style of chair.

In this article, I will address the recent customer complaints, give you some information on DXRacer, and list some things for fans out there to consider if you’re shopping custom gaming chairs.

Let’s get right into the customer complaints first…

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING?What are people saying?

There seem to be a few things that routinely get mentioned in negative reviews.

I’ve gathered this information from several YouTube videos of different gamers and vloggers who have all had their chairs for different lengths of time.

Here are 3 features that received criticism:

1. The winged back:

Interesting that the very thing that has made this the best-selling style of gaming chair, is on this list. Here were the complaints:

  • The wings restrict movement in the chair by essentially cradling you while you sit in it. The chair doesn’t allow for much shifting side to side, unless you find it comfortable leaning into the wing.
  • The wings actually make you slouch, forcing hunched posture positions, and contributing to long-term poor posture. The chair doesn’t allow some people to sit straight up with their shoulders back, because their shoulders bump into the wings.

2. The armrests:

These two comments opened my eyes to a detail that I hadn’t previously noticed:

  • Most of the armrests are NOT padded. They are a molded plastic, which may leave your elbows a little sore after a long sit.
  • Even though the height of the armrests can be adjusted, it doesn’t quite meet the range of adjustment that some people need.

3. Ancillary parts:

Sometimes furniture will have ancillary parts that serve various purposes. These could be plugs that cover screw heads for aesthetic detail, caps that cover hinges or open tubing, etc. They don’t typically have any affect on functionality, but they do play a role in the finished look of the piece. Here’s the complaint with some gaming chairs:

  • The screw covers on either side of the chair don’t stay in place. Apparently, over a span of time, movement such as reclining back and forth causes the interior clips of the covers to wear out, and the covers pop off of the chair, thus revealing the screws underneath.


DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair

Apparently, a LOT.

As I mentioned in my last article, “Gaming Chairs For Adults,” DXRacer is one of the top-selling brands.

They are a large, globally recognized company that continues to lead the way for gaming chairs.

So despite these reported flaws and suggestions for improvement (take note DXRacer!), people continue to buy!

After doing a little research, here’s my response to the complaints above:

#1 (the winged back) may receive some unjust scrutiny, and I’ll explain what I mean by that in a minute. It seems evident, though, that there has been a clear choice in style over comfort. People have been buying these chairs just because they look cool (big win for popularity!), resulting in some buying the wrong size chair!

As for #2 (the armrests), I can see why this would be mentioned. As a person that spends much of the day working from an office chair to research and write these articles, I need a comfortable chair. For me, that includes padded armrests. That being said, I do typically only use the armrests when I lean back to take a moment of reflection, or switch positions. My elbows aren’t resting on the armrests for 10hrs a day, and that goes for when I’m gaming as well. So all things considered, this is probably not as bad as it initially sounds, and padding may be over-rated. Also, believe it or not, some people actually prefer these naked armrests.

Finally, #3 (ancillary parts). As I understood it, this is a side panel piece that covers a couple of screws. The claim is that the protruding connectors, that snap the cover panel onto the chair, are stripped over time due to movement in the chair. This definitely is a design flaw. I’m just not sure that I’d care that much from an aesthetic point of view. But, it’s the principle being challenged here of providing a quality part.


The Interesting History of DXRacer

The company started back in 2001 as … a manufacturer of luxury sports car seats!

In 2006, they introduced the first gaming chair and have been working on innovations ever since. It’s no surprise that they’ve stayed true to their racing style design, but it is not their only style!

Over the years, they have created multiple styles, available through various Series with customer diversification in mind.

They sponsor world-wide gaming tournaments and events, which has not only given them recognition and sales across the globe, but also some pretty extensive feedback to take into consideration when designing their next chair.

It’s inevitable, that an increase in company sales will lead to an increase in negative reviews. That’s statistics. You can compare that to the growing size of a city, and the corresponding increase in crime percentages. In all things, eventually, you get to a point where it’s statistically impossible to be 100%.

That being said, DXRacer strives to meet the changing demands of consumers, and promises to use quality parts and materials.

Here’s a short 3 minute video giving you an inside look at the structural design and support, compared to another model. The two chairs may look similar on the outside, but wait until you see the difference on the inside! Wow!


As I just mentioned above, DXRacer offers several Series of gaming chairs, each with different styles designed to meet the needs of a diverse consumer group.

Any Series that has a title such as ‘Racing’, ‘Formula’, ‘Drifting’, etc, is likely to have winged shoulders, as the titles suggest the racing style they’re designed to have. This style is not ideal for EVERYONE!

Use The Style Guide

DXRacer provides a style guide so that customers can be led in the right direction when they are interested in finding the most appropriate style to fit their height and weight.

Here’s a look with picture detail on a guide that’s available on how to choose the best DXRacer gaming chair for you: DXRacer Gaming Chair Guide. This guide is provided through, as they are an official DXRacer retailer. It will open in another window, so go ahead and take a peek so you can see what I’m talking about next. Then come back to this article.

Custom Gaming Chairs: DXRacer               Custom Gaming Chairs: DXRacer Classic

Now that you’ve taken a peek at the guide, you can see just how proud they are of their racing style, as all but one picture contains some variation of the winged back. This is there most popular style, so they’ve incorporated it into several different Series, including the B (Boss) and C (Classic) Series (see above), which are made to accommodate larger frames.

While these chairs still have the winged sides, the chair back is only slightly curved as opposed to the more concave effect of the chairs suggested for smaller height and weight measurements.


While there is obviously some negative feedback on this best-selling racing style gaming chair, I believe that the negative reviews are somewhat skewed due to the high possibility that many customers have chosen to buy the most popular Series of chair, rather than the Series most likely to accommodate their frame. The much higher percentage of positive reviews reflects this thought.

This is speculation, of course, but it’s fair to assume that in the height of popularity of this product, not everyone will use the guide as intended, or even really think about their individual needs when it comes to the ergonomics of the chair. Some people simply want what’s popular… And that’s okay! Priorities will most definitely differ, resulting in a wide range of product reviews. In turn, those reviews will help improve the next model of chair.

I hope that this article was helpful in revealing some current feedback that surrounds the market of gaming chairs, gave you some information on a product that may be of use to you, and gave you some insight and knowledge about the company DXRacer.

Now, it’s up to you to do some of your own research. You can start by visiting

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Be sure to use the provided size guides, and happy gaming!

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  1. This is interesting… a best selling racing style gaming chair that carries some reviews that raise some good and important points of view. While posture is important, so is the way we sit. What we do and don’t find comfortable would differ quite a bit between people.

    Every product will have differing reviews from person to person, but I guess there is something fantastic about this gaming chair if its a best seller! I reckon my son wouldn’t complain if he had one.

    1. Hi Dianne!

      I’m sure you’re right about your son. It would make a great gift! Be sure to use the guide to find the best fit!

      Speaking of gifts, here’s another article you (or your son) may like… Modded Xbox One Controller

      Thanks for visiting our website, and for your comment!

  2. Hi Cris. Thank you for sharing your review and opinions about the best DXRacer gaming chair.

    I don’t have a DXRacer gaming chair YET, but from your review I think this chair seems like a game changer for every game lover. 

    I don’t see anything wrong with the arm rests and I like the winged back. The chair looks beautifully styled.

    1. Hi Barry!

      Thank you for visiting our website, and for your feedback!

      Yes, the general consensus seems to be that this is the best chair… or at least the sales numbers don’t lie! If you get one, please stop back again and update your comment!

      You may also like this article… Modded Xbox One Controller!

  3. I loved your post on the Best DXracer Gaming Chair!  As my kids love to play their games, I never even thought about the chairs they were sitting in.  It’s interesting to see that the wingback chairs actually cause the player to sit in a forward posture position. I’m always telling my boys to sit up straight, so that’s good to know:). Although, I agree with you that popularity will probably win out every time:) I appreciate your straightforward feedback, and honest review of this particular chair!  It’s definitely something to think about getting as a Christmas present:)



    1. Hi Suzi!

      Thanks for commenting here!

      Yes, it seems as though popularity wins quite often 🙂 This would make a great Christmas present. I do suggest using the guide to help you select the proper fit! 

      For other Christmas present ideas, see this article

  4. Hi Cris,

    You did a good job in this review on DXRACER. 

    I do think that people often tend to make complaints about products when they don’t need to. This goes to show that even the best products out there still have some consumer complaints. But it depends on each individual and how they see things.

    The fact that this company has been in existence since 2001, and is known to have one of the best selling products when it comes to gaming chairs makes them stand out.

    I know this chair to be one of the best among their competitors when it comes to gaming chairs. They even provide their consumers with a style guide which will help them when they are selecting which gaming chair they want to buy. I think some consumers do ignore this style guide, and they just go for any gaming chair that looks attractive to them, and that is why they end up buying the type that doesn’t fit their needs.

    So, I will recommend they take their time to select which style will best fit their needs before going in for it. Thanks a lot for your hard work and honest review.


    1. Hi Stephen!

      Thanks so much for your lengthy comment. I appreciate you taking the time!

      We agree that the moral of the story seems to be that it’s important to use the guide provided and select the right fit for optimum comfort.

      With HUNDREDS of options, I’m sure anyone can find the combination of fit and style they are looking for. Thanks again for visiting our website!

  5. Most of us like to go for what’s popular without even considering if it would be the perfect fit for us. These gaming chairs come in different sizes and you are suppose to go for one that would fit your body stature but to a lot of people that does not matter and they end up getting an uncomfortable chair and before you know it they would start leaving negative reviews. 

    These companies should always advise their customers that when making a purchase should go for the right size that would fit them properly.

    1. Hi Jay!

      Yes, exactly. Sellers do recommend following the size guide they’ve provided, but not everyone follows guidelines 100% of the time 😉  Sometimes popularity is just too tempting!

      Thanks so much for commenting here.

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